Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP)

  1. Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP)

Procurement strategy: according to FIDIC Yellow Book

Volume of wastewater, capacity of the plant:

Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

For the maximum daily capacity of mechanical treatment

900 000

m 3/d

For the maximum daily capacity of biological treatment

350 000

m 3/d

Average daily volume of wastewater

300 000

m 3/d

Peak capacity in case of precipitation

20 588

m 3/h


1 450 000

The contract concluded in the frame of public procurement procedure includes the following:

  • Design, application for the permit and construction of the wastewater treatment plant,
  • Construction of the inlet of the treated wastewater into the Danube ,
  • Operation of the Environmental Management System,
  • Conducting a one-year test operation,
  • Participation in the operation of the wastewater treatment plant for a period of 4 years after the successful completion of the test operation.

Contractor: Csepel 2005 FH Konzorcium

  • Lead member: Degrémont SA
  • Further members: OTV France, Hídépítő Zrt., Alterra Építőipari Kft.

Value of the contract: 249.157.447 EUR + VAT